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Coursera Provides You With Course Materials Created by Reputable Worldwide Universities

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A few years ago, there was a platform born with free courses online, its intention was to massively educate the population. There were those who said they had set too high a target considering that at that time, they offered nothing more than a couple of courses.

Well soon after all of this, Coursera announced an alliance with sixteen universities among which was University of Toronto and the University of California in San Francisco. For those who have no time to attend lectures or to access certain courses, Coursera presents the last revolution for free online training. With more than one million students and one hundred and twenty courses, it has become one of the best platforms for online courses.

What is Coursera & How Does it Work?

This company has proposed that millions of people have access to quality courses of the most prestigious universities. Although the courses have the seal of the university teacher that is assigned to each course, there are also official courses in these universities.

It will be from the teacher who has issued a personal certificate to prove that it has thus passed the course. When you check in and start a course, you are asked to accept a “code of honor”. This code of honor implies that you can not cheat by copying answers or manipulating hidden tests called “test data”.

The Courses

The courses are in English but this is not a problem for those who speak other languages. Classes are taught by well structured videos. In these videos you can activate captions on them so that if you do not speak English or it is not your native tongue, you can follow the course in your language. The languages for subtitles vary from course to course but many of them have several languages in their subtitles.

All videos are well produced and teachers use the same templates and slides that you will use for completing the course. You can see them all the time or you can even download them if you want to. You can also download the subtitles in the language you want.

The Exams

The operation of the vision exams may vary from course to course but overall it is very similar. Usually you have to take a test for a week. Each test can be made without penalty up to five times but only when you are able to complete it before the deadline.


The way in which each teacher assesses the tests may be different. While some opt for the traditional system in which each question is worth a certain score, others prefer to follow the course entirely.

That is, successes and failures, time devoted to the course, if you have participated in the forums, the number of times each test has been done, etc. All this data is what each teacher explains in the presentation of the course.

How Tests Work

Sometimes, you are following an explanatory video and you will be asked about what you’re watching. It’s pretty a pretty simple process, the video is paused until you correctly answer, forcing you to be constantly be paying attention.

The forums are available even during the test. Students can evaluate each entry based on the contribution made to the subject matter. Its category system makes finding everything you need work perfectly.

Why Use Coursera?

There are many reasons to use Coursera but perhaps the main reason is the ease of use and the amount of information and courses you have available to you. They provide excellent options for those who are looking into getting into coding as well as programming.

They also have partnerships with some of the top schools in America so it is ensured you are getting the best education you need. They provide many great features and will help you learn not only quickly but efficiently as well. They will give you the skills necessary to have a promising career as a programmer with their coding programs that they offer.